Electric Hot Water Shower Head

Electric Hot Water Shower Head

Our company is an eminent name, which is counted among the top Manufacturers and Suppliers of Electric Hot Water Shower Head. The manufacturing of our Electric Hot Water Shower Head is done under the strict vigilance of experts by following the set industry standards. We conduct stringent quality tests on Shower Head so as to ensure that only the defect-free product reaches the customers’ end. It can be obtained from us at the best market price.


  • "Hothich" heats instantly! It consumer only when the tap is open! Save energy!  Traditional geysers take at least 10-25min to heat the water SAVE TIME and  MONEY!
  • "Hotrich" has a 3 different Temperatures HOT, WARM and NORMAL. Red color = Hot, Blue color =WARM, Green color =NORMAL It works with the water pressure so You can play with the tap ,opening it More or less , to reach the desired Temperature
  • "Hotrich" saves money at both the purchase and by use. Save 50% electricity and 50% water. The consumption on 3000W is 3 unit per hour, approx. 16 paisa per minute Use it 20min daily (4 showers) for one month and spend only Rs.96/- At the end of the day" even less than 50% compared to a normal geyser!!
  • Geysers require 2 pipes, a mixer and a complicated installation. "hotrich "requires only 1 pipe and no mixer Keep saving! Clean, noiseless, it doesn’t rust! The smallest heater available in India, 10x17cm. Its innovative design gives a modern And aesthetic touch to your bathroom
  • It is made from thermo-resistant plastic and Does not conduct electricity. With a proper Grounding-system it's 100% safe 2 year warranty.



Instant Hot Water

  • Hot shower heats instantly
  • It starts consuming electricity when the tap is open.
  • Other geysers take 10 to 15 minutes for hot water, where as our Hot Shower save time and money too
  • Different Temperature
  • Hot Shower gives 3 different temperatures
  • Normal : Normal low hot water
  • Off : Normal Water
  • Hot : Hot water
  • This temperature stick on water tap
  • If your tap is fully open , you will get normal hot water and if your tap is slide open, you will get full hot water

Money Saver

  • Hot Shower saves money in purchase and in use too. india cheap and best shower (tank less geyser)
  • Save 50 % money and time

Small and Easy

  • All Geysers have 2 pipe, mixer and complicated fittings, wherea Hot Shoer has got onlu one pipe
  • No any other requirement, clean and nosieless product
  • Hot shower gives your bathroom a natural look

Safe and Shock Proof

  • Hot Showe is made from thermo plastic and it does not conduct electricity
  • Hot Shower requires compulsary grounding system
  • 100% Safe and shock proof tank less geyser
  • Never use this product when hardness is more than 500 TDS