Energy Efficient Stove

The gasification stove is a unique solution for cooking producing and clean and efficient heat without specialized fuels and with virtually NO Smoke. It effectively burns any combustible material like wood dust, dung, grass, sticks and pieces of branches and any small wood pieces & coconut shells. Our gasification stove’s unique design uses an electric fan to provide combustion of air in just the right amount to produce gas and to burn the fuel completely.

  • It is made from Stainless Steel body & fire pot for long lasting life
  • Light weight & easy to carry
  • No use of Asbestos, Cement, Aluminum & Glass Wool which makes our gasification Stove eco friendly green product.
  • Two Power Inputs selection option for high & low speed selection
  • Adjustable supports for heavy and big cooking utensils

Additional Information

Product Code Energy Efficient Stove